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Target Challenger

    The ultimate in target technology! Adjustable pole height and target ring allow for multi-purpose use to accommodate any sport. Sturdy net collects balls for easy retrieval. Includes 22 lb weight for stability and 2 wheels for easy portability. Adjustable to 12 feet, target ring measures 30". Ideal for passing, setting, or shooting.

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Our Price $399
CVB-PST: Portable Spike Trainer

    Improve Volleyball Spike Technique using the most cost-effective and durable Spike Trainer on the market. Work on footwork and approach, jump, arm swing, and ball contact.

    Practice hitting at the top of your reach. Work on your footwork and approach to create a swing that is very difficult for the defense to read.

    This product works excellent for practicing hitting high off or over a block.

    Measures a players vertical training to show them that they can now hit a ball higher above the net.

    Adjusts from 7-1/2' to 10-1/2'

Retail $59.99
Our Price $46.95
Leap It 2

    The LEAP IT 2 is designed as an economical way to improve vertical jump by increasing the load or resistance on the lower body. Partners hold the resistance cords to the floor.

    Maximum benefits include increase in vertical jump, jumping endurance, strength of stabilizing muscles and aerobic conditioning. The LEAP IT 2 can also be used to train a specific sports skill while resisted, e.g.; volleyball blocking, passing, spiking; basketball jump shot, rebounding.

    The LEAP IT 2 is also a total body conditioner. Exercises included to work upper and lower muscle groups.

Retail $499
Our Lowest Price $390
KBA Plyo Boxes

    Box jump training or polymetrics can improve quickness, speed, and jumping ability while gaining greater coordination, body control and balance. Sturdy, wide steel frame with rubber top. Stackable. Available in sets of 3 or 4.
    Set of 3: 12", 18", & 24"
    Set of 4: 12", 18", 24", 30"

Retail $499
Our Lowest Price $399
CVB-WMST: Wall Mounted Spike Trainer Arm

    Mounts directly onto a wall and adjusts in height within a 3' range.

    Practice hitting at the top of your reach. Work on your footwork and approach to create a swing that is very difficult for the defense to read.

    This product works excellent for practicing hitting high off or over a block.

    Measures a players vertical training to show them that they can now hit a ball higher above the net.

Retail $29.95
Our Price $17.95
Volleyball Pal

    The Volleyball Pal is a useful device that allows for hours of practice without the need of another person. It consists of a Velcro strap that secures around the waist, a neoprene pouch that holds the Volleyball, and an elastic cord connecting the waist strap to the ball pouch. The smooth action of the elastic cord guides the ball back to the player every time. Use the Volleyball Pal to practice serving tosses or arm swing technique without ever having to chase a ball!

Retail $29.95
Our Price $21.95
Pass Rite

    The Pass Rite is an easy to use training tool that utilizes a durable elastic band that attaches to the passer's wrists and ankles preventing excessive upward arm movement. The small, lightweight Velcro wrist cuffs were designed to minimize ball contact interference. The elastic band is adjustable to accommodate any passer's height.

Retail $99.95
Our Price $78.00
TH-ST: Spike Trainer

    The Spike Trainer is a must for properly teaching the techniques of spiking. The Spike Trainer holds the ball securely in place while the attacker develops form and hitting techniques. The Spike Trainer was developed by coaches and is economical, lightweight, and durable. Perfect for use at camps, clinics and practices at all levels.

Retail $349.00
Our Price $305.00
Attack It

    The Attack It allows coaches to drill their hitters on attacking game-like blocking situations. This unique offensive tool, with two fully adjustable surfaces, imitates the look of a "real" block. Simply slide the surface to any location on the rail, lock in place, and players will begin perfecting the skills of hitting over, around or through the block.

Bungee Blocker
Retail $99.99
Our Price $79.95

    The ultimate blocking tool! Constructed of lightweight aluminum and bungee straps to allow for game-like simulation in practice. Use the Bungee Blocker to improve hitting placement or as a coverage tool in blocking drills. Sturdy design allows for easy handling and use. One of the most affordable blocking options on the market!

    Suggested uses: Use the Bungee Blocker for team drills and game-like simulation, individual hitting drills, and coverage drills.

Block It
Retail $299.00
Our Price $284.00

    The BLOCK IT is designed for teams to drill on defending the blocked spike. With the addition of durable, thick, foam padding on the aluminum frame, the ball rebounds exactly like a "real" block.

Retail Price $199.00
Our Price $170.00
Block It Buddy

    The NEW Block IT Buddy is designed to attach to any location on the net. With the addition of thick foam padding, the ball rebounds like a "real" block to practice defending a blocked spike. Players can begin perfecting the skills of hitting over around and thru the block. No need to risk hurting players fingers. Very lightweight and portable.

Retail Price $139.00
Our Price $110.00
Crush It

    The new Crush It is designed to allow players to perform many repetitions without having to stop and shag balls. Players can improve spiking technique, approach, arm swing, vertical jump and endurance. Excellent motivator for conditioning using contiguous spike approaches or block jumps. A very effective aid for teaching full arm extension and correct body position in relation to ball at contact. Can be easily set up in the corner of any gym, garage or basement. No heavy, bulky equipment to store. Ball attachments on side of ball allow player to hit on top of the ball. Easily adjustable to different height of players.

Click here for install illustration

Retail Price $149.00
Our Price $125.00
Wall Mount Spike Trainer VBUSA

    Utilizing a high quality volleyball with connection tabs sewn onto the ball (not glued) allows you to practice spiking in the corner of a gym or in a garage or room at your house.

    Ships with 4 male eye bolts and 4 female wall anchors so when not in use no eyebolts are sticking out of wall.

    Includes flexible heavy duty rubber tubing, 80' of Kevlar rope to span a 50' distance, pulley and 2 tensioning ratchets to allow large adjustment in spiking height.

    Made in USA

    Available for both wood walls or concrete walls. (Please specify when ordering)

Retail Price $139.00
Our Price $115.00
Dig IT

    Develop Confident Defenders The new DIG IT is a training aid designed to teach your players under a controlled situation, the mechanics of the dig, roll and dive - with less chance of getting injured. You can apply a systematic approach to a difficult technique and eliminate the moving ball while still teaching the basic hand/eye coordination required. As the player advances in technique, the ball can be set in motion.

Retail Price $249.00
Our Price $227.00
Spike IT

    The SPIKE IT is used by volleyball coaches throughout the world to develop and refine the skills of spiking and serving. This unique motivational aid has proven invaluable in teaching beginning players proper arm swing, extension, approach and jump techniques, while affording more advanced players an opportunity to concentrate on perfecting already existing skills.

Retail Price $659.00
Our Price $625.00
Catch It and Bask It

    The skills of passing, setting, serving and spiking need constant perfecting. For this reason we developed the CATCH IT and BASK IT. The CATCH IT is an adjustable target that collects balls for more efficient use in drills. The CATCH IT's multiple adjustments make it ideal for refining the skills of passing, serving, spiking and setting. The CATCH IT is the perfect motivational tool for your volleyball drills.

    Bask It is sold separately from Catch It. Many teams use their volleyball ball cart to collect their volleyballs in the Catch It.

Retail Price $139.00
Our Price $115.00
Catch It Partner

    Net attaches over the top of 4' square target hoop of the Catch It allowing ball to rebound back to player. Target area can be set at the exact point that the hitter will contact the set. This precise target area gives immediate feedback of the position and accuracy of the set. The Catch It's multiple adjustments make the Catch It Partner ideal for practicing high outside setting, shoot setting and quick set offenses continuously with only one ball. The Partner's versatility allows it to be used in a multitude of passing and serving drills.

    PLEASE NOTE: The Catch IT PARTNER is a net attachment which must be used with the CATCH IT. The CATCH IT is sold separately.

Retail Price $79.00
Our Price $55.00
Catch It Targ IT

    PLEASE NOTE: This is an Accessory for the CATCH IT The CATCH IT is sold separately. The NEW CATCH IT TARG IT is designed for very high level programs to refine the skill of passing. Attach the CATCH IT TARG IT over the top of the CATCH IT to reduce the target area from 4 square feet to a 2 foot diameter circle. This requires a very high skill level. Not for beginners.

Retail Price $649.00
Our Price $620.00
Catch IT JR

    You asked for it - You got it! The NEW Catch IT jr. is a lighter version of our Catch It. Slightly smaller than the original Catch It, the Catch It jr. is perfect for club programs or those programs with multiple gyms. The Catch It jr.'s multiple adjustments make it an ideal tool to refine the skills of passing, serving, spiking and setting. The smaller size will fit thru most gymnasium doors. Assembles in minutes. Carry bag included

Retail Price $169.95
Our Price $149.95
Setter Targ IT

    The NEW Setter Targ It is designed to attach to the net for a stationary target. Perfect for setter development and refining pin-point passing skills. The Setter Targ It can be attached to any position on the net. This provides more precise target area closer to the actual point of contact for the spike. Ideal for practicing high outside sets, shoot sets and quick sets. This precise target area gives immediate feedback of the position and accuracy of the set and pass.

Retail Price $129.00
Our Price $105.00
Guard It

    Protect Your Players! The new GUARD IT is designed to help protect players from balls slowly rolling under their feet while practicing. Helps prevent injuries from landing or stepping on balls. Can also be used as a barrier to define traffic flow around the court.

Retail Price $239.00
Our Price $210.00
Shag IT Net

    Create Another Practice Station In the Corner Of The Gym! The SHAG IT NET is designed to allow players to perform many repetitions without having to retrieve or "shag" the balls. Players can improve spiking technique, approach and arm swing as well as serving and setting technique. The SHAG IT NET consists of a 10ft. long volleyball net installed across a corner with a 10 ft. high "Shag Net" to catch the balls. No worry of balls rolling under your feet. Balls are caught in the net. Great for teams with limited space. With SHAG IT NET you can create another practice area. Set up and take down in seconds. No heavy, bulky equipment to store.

Retail Price $549.00
Our Price $518.00
Coach IT

    Coaches can now drill their teams on defense from a safe and realistic position. The new COACH IT II eliminates the use of dangerous boxes, tables, chairs and ladders that coaches have been using for years. The COACH IT II's construction puts you in a game-like "hitting" position while still allowing you to observe and instruct your team on defensive skills. The ball holder frame attaches easily to the arm of the COACH IT II. The net ball holder bag is safer and can be used as a separate ball bag. The shallow construction makes balls readily available for rapid fire drills. New design folds flat for storage. Can also be used as a free-standing official's stand. Additional COACH IT Ball Holders can be purchased separately.

Retail Price $99.00
Our Price $90.00
Pass IT

    Good Passing Is The Key To Winning Volleyball Excel sports Products introduces a training device that will help your players master one of volleyball's most difficult skills, the forearm pass. The Pass It is designed for the beginning player to learn proper form, upper body positioning and leg usage. This unique practice tool is ideal for eliminating the most common passing mistakes of bent elbows, thumb flex and erratic arm swing.

    Patent No. 4,795,163

Retail Price $189.00
Our Price $160.00
Jump IT

    Jump Testing Made Easy! The JUMP IT is a testing device designed to calibrate an athlete's maximum jump height while permitting a full approach and swing. This relatively basic and inexpensive training aid allows players to chart their jumping progress and therefore is an excellent motivator.

Retail Price $229.00
Our Price $199.00
Jump IT II

    Motivate to Jump Train! The Jump It II is designed to measure an athlete's maximum jump reach from both a standing jump and a full approach. The spring pegs are color coded and placed at 1" increments. A Great Motivator!

Retail $379
Our Price $345
Vertical Challenger

    Most affordable and accurate device on the market for measuring vertical jump! Telescopes from 4 to 12 feet, with heavy duty base and casters for stability and portability. Moveable metal arms placed at 1" increments allow for accurate jump measurement. Highest arm reached remains angled until jump reading is measured. Vertical Challenger comes with handy reset pole.

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